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Pit bull

Complete Pit bull Owner's Training Guide


Pit Bull Training Gear – Why do you Need it?


pit bull training gearConsidered to be the most athletic dogs in the world, pit bulls are the descendants of the bear and bull fighting dogs used by the cowboys in the past. Being able to take a bull by its nose is one impressive thing, isn’t it?

Because of the very fact that these are athletic dogs they need proper training. We don’t want our pit bulls to end up pulling the household stuff around now, do we?

That is why  early obedience training is crucial for pit bulls and that is where you need the right pit bull training gear.

Walk the dog!

You might get lucky to own a pit bull that lets you take him on a walk instead of doing the opposite. Pit bull leashes and leads are the most basic pit bull training gear a pit bull owner needs.

A well-trained pit bull can be controlled and taken out for a walk or a jog using a leash and a lead. Leashes are not much of obedience training gear.

Pit bull  training Gear for  Obedience

When it comes to pulling your pit when he tries to run away to grab a bouncing ball or sometimes people, pit bull dog collars and leashes help. Dog collars are attached to the leashes in order to keep a hold on the dog but most of the times they are used to correct misbehavior.

Pit bull leashes and collars are the pit bull training gear available for those pit bull owners who have issues on a walk especially while pulling. Collars are designed such that, a firm sideways pull helps get you big dog back on track.

Collars can also be used as pit bull accessories. A wide range of pit bull collars includes leather collars spiked collars and nylon collars which can dress your pit bull up in a second!

Pitbull  training gear for Fitness

High prey drive instincts and big strong bodies develop a natural need for fitness in pit bulls. Pitbull training gear that helps keep your dog fit includes stuff like:

  •  pit bull collars and harnesses,
  • weight leashes for pit bulls,
  • weight vests and other pit bull training equipment like spring poles flirt poles and strongman equipment.

All these pieces of equipment work for building the strength and stamina of the dog and your pit bull gradually turns into one having all chiseled muscles!

Training a dog requires patience and affection on the part of the trainer. Pit bulls are sensitive and they should never be hit or yelled at when training.

This may have an adverse effect and they may not respond to training at all. They may also fight back and nip or bite people.

A light reprimand, with a strong “NO”, is enough to make a pit bull stop any undesirable activity. It is important to be consistent while training a pit bull.

If you decide to train a pit bull for a couple of weeks and then take a break the whole training will be a worthless affair. If you own a pit bull you must train it, else you might want to consider getting used to living in a destroyed house!

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