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Dog Commands: Make Your Pet Smarter. Find Out How.

dog commands infographics

Dog commands are effective ways to not only gain authority over your dogs; it is also an efficient way to teach them obedience. They are essential in helping you manage your canine pet, correct their behavioral problems, and sometimes even, save their lives.

These dog training commands do not only have to be verbal. Dogs learn differently, so if verbal commands do not suit them, there are also visual commands for dogs like the so-called dog hand signals.

In doing these dog training commands, you must also ensure that they are being trained consistently and regularly since dogs learn by repetition. Dog commands must not change since this might confuse your dogs.

Also, make sure that everyone who is in your home or is associated with the dogs at a daily basis be made aware of these specific dog commands so that they will be training the dogs the same tricks.

Lastly, dogs learn better when the reward is given. So, make sure that when your dogs follow your commands, you will also be giving them the treats they love. It is an effective way to condition their behavior.

Dog Commands Infographic 2hand signals dog commands infographic

 So, to give you a summary of these dog commands and dog hand signals, here are a few dog whisperer tips that will help you train your dogs.

Stay: The stay command is important to train your dogs how to stay still. Dog commands like these are very important since it just might save them in crucial situations and correct behavior.

The common hand signal for this would be to hold your hand out towards your chest, almost the same as you are making the signal for them to stop.

Also, ensure that your palm is facing their nose area, with the tips of your fingers are pointing upwards.

Down: To do this, you can either point your finger downwards facing the ground or you can simply lower your hand. This is almost the same as the sit command.

Come: The hand signal for this would be to hold your arm straight, directly parallel to the floor. Then, move it in front of you until you touch your right arm. In doing dog commands like this, be slow with your movements.

Once your dogs are already familiar with it, then you can make your movements faster.

These are just some of the most common dog commands. To learn more about these and get to know different dog whisperer tips, a lot of online references and websites can help you.

So train your dog with patience and consistency to make him become the best pet there can be.

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