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Pit bull Training Collars – Important Advice

Pit bull Training Collars

Training your dog requires more than just making them follow simple verbal commands. Just like raising kids, they’ll need more than that to help them become more disciplined and obedient. (image source)

So to ensure that they follow your every order, you need to have the right training tools along with your dog training books at your disposal.

And one of the tools that can help you give the proper discipline to your pet is a dog training collar.

pit bull training gear collar

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Dog Training Collars, what are they and why you want to use them

Training collars for dogs are a very useful tool for many situations that arise in the course of training your dog. Some people feel that the brief electrical impulse is inhumane, but when you think about how it might save your dog’s life, a little shock isn’t so bad.

You certainly don’t want to constantly be “zapping” your dog – the collars use would become less and less effective.

A training set consists of a collar with the receiver mounted on it and a transmitter that the trainer holds. Some units require replaceable batteries, while others have rechargeable batteries.

Remember if you have a unit with batteries to always have spares on hand. The collar has usually two contacts that touch the dog’s skin. The pulse from the transmitter is converted by the receiver into an electrical stimulation of varying strength.

Hunting dogs are frequently trained with this type of collar. This gives the trainer control over the dogs even at great distances or in water. Modern collars besides shocking can also send a tone to the dog. So even far away, a dog can be corrected humanely and safely.

A dog training collar is more than just another collar. While it’s able to keep your pet on a tight leash, this device also helps owners train their dogs and make them more obedient.

With the help of this collar, you get to establish better control and dominance. Of course, just like a regular collar, this version can also be used to help identify your pet.

However, since some collars can be hazardous to a dog’s well-being, some training collars should not be left on the dog’s neck all the time.

Now, since the needs of dog owners vary, these training collars are designed to come in various shapes and sizes.

Each one carries its own unique way of training and controlling the dog. Some are just made from your regular metallic chains or leather.

These collars can be used to pull or tug your pet. However, due to the advancement in technology, some collars are now able to emit minor electrical signals or vibrations to train dogs into becoming more obedient.

Another great use of training collars is for correcting problem behavior. Consider this – you have a dog that can’t resist a moving vehicle. Each time your dog sees one, it bolts out in the street. You have no control and your dog most likely will be run over at some point.

Now, you learn how to use a training collar correctly.

When your dog decides it can’t resist that moving van coming down the street, you will have a say in the matter. Soon as he breaks from you to give chase, you can give a verbal command followed with “back-up” from the training collar.

Most dogs will decide that their chasing days are over and learn to cease this dangerous behavior.

Remember, training your pets to become obedient and disciplined takes a lot more than just telling them what to do. If you want to enforce yourself and establish dominance without compromising their well-being, make sure you invest in a dog training collar.

That way, you’ll be able to train them more effectively and get your message across in a more efficient manner.

Do you need a training collar for your pit bull? The answer is yes! How can one possibly control and train these big mighty dogs without any pit bull training collars? They are even required by law when your dog is outside your home.

From a myriad of different training collars, the options can be overwhelming. The main priority factors needed to be kept in mind while making a decision about pit bull training collars are Budget, Functionality, Material, and Size.

Variety of Pit bull Training Collars

  • Simple Leash and Collar – For those who have nice little pit bulls that create no chaos on a walk, a simple leash and collar are just right! Blue pit bull collars, red pit bull collars!
  • You may choose from a thousand colors and pick up cute pit bull collars for your good dog. Custom pit bull collars are also an option if you are really specific about how your dog looks. He must look handsome!
  • Slip Collars – For those haughty pit bulls who rather take their masters on a walk instead of their masters taking them on one, these collars are quite useful. A firm pull sideways will bring your dog back on track.
  • A sideways pull is to be remembered, though. A straight pull is basically the pit bull pulling his master and not the other way round.
  • Illusion Collars – This collar helps keep the slip collar at the top of the neck which is the most sensitive area of a pit bull’s neck.
  • If you’ve tried slip collars and still have had issues on a walk especially while pulling, you might want to try illusion collars. Thick pit bull collars may be used for dogs that are extra strong.


  • Nylon – Nylon pit bull collars are a perfect choice if you want an easy all-weather dog handling situation. Not needed to be taken care of, nylon pit bull training collars are suitable to walk your dog in rain, snow, high humidity climate or even while swimming.
  • These dog collars are extremely strong and light weight and quite affordable as well.
  • Leather – Leather dog collars are safe and natural and they keep looking better with age as they absorb your dog’s fur oils. Treated occasionally with a leather conditioner, leather pit bull training collars can serve for a lifetime.
  • Perfect for dogs that are allergic to metal or nylon or have skin irritation problems, leather collars are a good choice. Spiked pit bull collars come in leather and they can make your dog look like a tough fighting dog.
  • Metal – Metal dog collars are special collars that allow behavior correction. You may consider stainless steel pit bull training collars for safe water contact for they will not rust. Curogan collars are available and they avoid allergies and irritation.

Get Pit bull Training Collars Online

With a whole lot of choices, you can choose the best pit bull collars for your dog. Depending upon the size and the nature of your pit bull you may go for different styles and different materials.

There is numerous pit bull training gear available online. Your pit bull’s collar is just a click away!