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Pit bull House Training- Beginning at home.

pit bull house training

Let’s Start With Dog House Training Basics!
House training a dog is probably the most important training you can provide your dog. While most people think of pit bull house training as simply teaching the dog not to urinate or defecate in your home, it also should encompass the dog’s behavior both in the house and out in the yard. For now, we will focus on the aspect of “potty” training your dog.

Dog House training should begin before you bring your new pet home. It is important to have your plan in place before all the excitement starts when the new pup comes home. Determine where you will have your new charge live.

Are you going to use a crate for training or block off a corner of a room for the new pup? It is important to have an area that is just for the pup to go.

Crate training seems to be the simplest method of housebreaking. Blocking off a room works, but it can interrupt the traffic flow in your home and it requires having something absorbent on the floor the dog to use to relieve themselves.

When looking for a crate, consider how large your dog will be at maturity. Your dog should be able to stand in its crate without any restrictions. There are many reputable vendors of quality crates for dogs.

One of the keys to successful dog house training is establishing a schedule to teach your dog when it’s time to go outside to relieve itself. One of the easiest ways is to take the dog out right after it eats and drinks.

Puppies will have to go out more often. Take the dog out and let them find a spot to go. Soon as they are done, give them effusive praise.

Make them think they just did the best thing in the world. Within a short time of doing this, your dog will begin to associate eating with going outside.

You are establishing a pattern for the dog to follow. Before you know it, your dog will either sit or stand by the door you use, letting you know it is time to go out.

The other mentioned method is sometimes referred to as “paper training“, generally because dog owners will use old newspapers for the dogs to soil on. The dog learns to use the paper to go on and then make the transition to going outside.

As you probably are thinking, this method has some drawbacks. The big one is the odor of having the dog relieving inside. The other is making the change from going inside to going outside. Also, remember that the papers have to be cleaned frequently both for the dog’s and your health

Puppy house training is one tough job, regardless of what the breed might be.

Surely, some puppies are easy to train but one thing that must be remembered is that all dogs can be house-trained.

In fact, you can even train adult dogs.

Pit bull house training is paramount because it integrates the dog into the household.

To achieve the objective of house training pit bull puppy, you should utilize its natural instincts.

Most dogs have a natural instinct to stay clean and not to soil up to the area where they sleep. This can be taken advantage of while training your pit bull puppy.

Starting with the Pit bull house training
The first step to house train your pit bull is choosing the right training area. A compact, limited area like a garage, bathroom or a verandah is best suited as a training area.

Yes, the method is best suited for crate training which is appropriate for puppies but bigger dogs may require a larger area. Make your pit bull spend as much time as possible in his training area.

Make him eat, play and sleep there. Once he acknowledges that this pace is his he will be reluctant to spoil it. Then you may start moving his bed, relocating it from room to room.

After some time, he will learn that your house is his house too and he needs to keep it clean. Next comes the toilet training, which is extremely vital since you don’t want poop on your expensive carpeting.

Accompanying him to the toilet area for potty needs is a must in the initial stage. Once the puppy is in the habit of relieving in the toilet area rather than messing up the training space he can gradually extend his activities to the rest of the house.

The owner must be sure about the dog’s ability to control his bladders and bowels. These are the basics of the pit bull house training which must be achieved in order to transform your pit bull into a household dog.

Rewarding gives better results
One of the very common pit bull house training problems is the idea of punishing your dog when he does something bad. Training American pit bull terrier puppies should be done with rewards for good work.

And in no case should the punishment be contemplated. Giving punishments is counterproductive and it sets the clock back in the house training process since the puppy gets confused by getting a treat in the day and a scolding at night.

Positive training is always beneficial for puppies when house training them. They respond to positive reinforcement.

Giving pit bull puppies a treat or praise when they follow instructions correctly strengthens their will to do more for they have a natural instinct to please their owners.

How nice is that now? Then how can you scold a dog whose aim is to keep pleasing you all day?

Pit bull house training is successful when you understand that his puppyhood is the time when you lay the foundations of what kind of dog he will be when he grows up.

It is also the time where you build, develop and strengthen the bond you have with your little dog.