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What is a Red Nose Pit bull? Read Full Article Now!

red nose pit bull

History will tell us that no one is absolutely certain of the Red Nose Pit Bull lineage as to the country. However, certain records clearly show that a large percentage of the breed originated in Ireland.

The Red Nose Pit Bull is extremely rare and there are those that prefer this variety of Pit Bull. Reason being they are from a family of Pit Bulls termed the Old Family Red Nose strain, which is a very old strain of Pit Bull.

There are those that firmly believe the Red Nose Pit Bull was bred for their striking red nose, lips, eyes, and usually red toenails.

John Sullivan and Red Nose Pit Bull

John Sullivan who was a boxer from Ireland came to the United States to further his boxing career. However, during his stay, he became fond of the United States and decided to become a Boston police officer and set down roots to start a new life.

John L. Sullivan

He then contacted his family to send over his Red Nose Pit Bulls from Ireland. John had extensive knowledge of the breed and started the business of breeding these dogs.

John Sullivan’s name can be found throughout the history of Red Nose Pit Bulls. Those that are lovers and followers of this breed are no doubt familiar with his name. This was the introduction of the Old Family Red Nose Pit Bull to North America and the United States.

Pit Bulls, in general, are great dogs to own. They are great pets as long as they are taught as puppies to subdue their aggression. The best idea is to find a professional breeder of Red Nose Pit Bulls and consult them in the proper raising of an even-tempered and well-mannered dog that can be trusted and not be feared.

Red Nose Pit Bull Myths and Facts

There are many myths that a Red Nose Pit Bull is more aggressive than any other variety of Pit Bull. That is indeed not at all true. Pit Bulls, in general, have both good and bad qualities about them. In fact, with cross-breeding, the Red Nose Pit Bull can show up in other lines of Pit Bulls at any time.

By nature, all Pit Bulls are very effective and extremely experienced fighting dogs. They can fight longer and be more effective in their fighting skills than any other dog. Pit bulls also are extremely aggressive with other animals. However, with the proper training and socialization, this problem can be solved.

Pit Bulls do not back down and will often fight to the death regardless of their injuries. These dogs can withstand a great deal of pain and when combined with their tenacity, make them the ultimate fighting dogs.

Pit Bulls have a very strong bite grip. They have powerful jaws that can break bones and administer very deep bites that will go through the muscle. This is a unique quality in the dog world since most breeds cannot bite deep enough to go into the muscle of their prey.

Pit Bulls are very athletic and can jump a fence over 8 feet tall with ease when given the right provocation such as seeing another animal.

Red Nose Pit Bull Characteristics

Though some pit bulls do cause insurmountable terror; it is just not fair to generalize the thought. Red nose pit bulls are not savage, attack dogs. Quite the opposite, they can be very gentle, intelligent companions.

Just like other pit bulls, red nose pits can differ between kids, adults, and strangers and treat them accordingly. They can sit there for hours while a toddler pulls their ears and not react a bit.

Do the same as an unknown adult and it could bite your bones into pieces. However, red nose pit bulls will do what you teach them to do and they are loyal companions.

Teach them to be kind and social and your red nose pit will turn into a social dog. The only time your dog can become aggressive is when it feels in some way its owner is being threatened.

Red Nose Pit Bull Temperament!

Among all the other dogs red nose pit bull makes an interesting question when it comes to its temper. What is the temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier red nose pit bull really like?

Well, you can’t deny the fact that they are built to attack and have extremely strong jaws that are capable of breaking bones! You must remember that they were bred for the purpose of killing and naturally have attack-like bodies; however, this is not the case for their temperament.

Red nose pit bulls are not naturally aggressive animals, instead, they are quite obedient. These good dogs are sometimes made to fight illegally in competitions. If you teach your dog to be aggressive it will become savage. That’s pretty much obvious and this is what ruins their reputation.

Dangerous owners create “dangerous dogs”. This is regardless of the breed but especially true for Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls are extremely intelligent, very attentive, and extremely protective of their property and their owners.

Anyone owning a Pit Bull should have the same intelligence, attentiveness, and love to bring out the best in this dog.

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