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American Bully Complete Breed Information

American Bully

Breed Overview Information
The history of the American Bully dates back to 1980-1990. And the American Bully originated from the American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier breeds that have their distinct features, temperament, and appearance.

During its evolution, the American Bully acquired the characteristics, temperament, and appearance of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.

Also contributing to the development is an infusion from other breeds such as the Olde English Bulldogge, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Although the American Bully breeds have a resemblance to Bulldogs, they have to be classified as a different breed. As a result, the United Kennel Club has declared the recognition of the breed as distinct from other breeds since July 15, 2013.

Breeds Character Information
The American Bully breeds are excellent, lovable pets and are renowned for their self-confidence, courage, resilience, and bravery. They are safe and brave dogs but not aggressive.

These breeds were created to be good pets. These lovely dogs are super loyal, trustworthy, and funny. They look strong, muscular, and heavily built. They are so much attached to their owners that they can be fantastic family dogs.

Contrary to their look, the American Bully breeds develop great patience and tolerance and are friendly with the children.

Breed Coat Information
The American Bully’s coat is smooth, short, glossy. The coat feels stiff to touch and comes in a wide variety of colors like red, black, gray, blue, cream, Isabella, sable, silver, pied, white, brown, chocolate, fawn, and brindle variations. Merle is the only color combination acceptable for the American Bully.

They are relatively low-shedders because of their short coat. Consequently, they do not require much and frequent brushing. When brushed twice, thrice a week, the American Bully’s coat will remain clean and healthy.

Breed Temperament Information
The American Bully breeds are happy, playful, outgoing, stable, and confident dogs. They are gentle, friendly, and loving to people. Besides, these dogs are funny, good-natured, affectionate, and extremely loyal family pets.

They are obedient almost always and desire to please the masters. The American Bully breeds are lively and intelligent guard dogs.

The charm of the American Bully breeds is their outgoing temperament. They show a high level of tolerant with kids and dedication to pleasing the family. Although they are confident and look tough, they are not aggressive. This pleasant temperament endears them to quite a large of people.

The American Bully breeds are reliable, well-rounded, and trustworthy. They have an intimidating and athletic build that connotes strength and agility.

They can accomplish different types of tasks. It is noteworthy to state that the American Bully breeds are persistent fierce fighters if provoked and would stop at nothing to protect their owners and their owners’ properties.

They would fight to the death if someone traps them and threatens or attacks their owners and loved ones.

These breeds can endure and tolerate pain to a great extent. They also socialize thoroughly when young to subdue any aggressive tendencies. They have, however, been found to be awesome guardians of properties and are also valued companion dogs.

These breeds are suitable for owners who also have strong personality, confidence, and consistency; and not passive owners.

The American Bully breeds love to know the set of rules to follow, what is expected of them, and limits to what they are not allowed to do. To keep these breeds, you must train them and assume the status of a pack leader. You and other humans in the house must, through training, be higher up to successfully keep them.

Breed Ownership Information
The United States has recently restricted the ownership of the American Bully breeds while many countries have outrightly banned the American Bully ownership.

The ownership of the American Bully comes with a lot of responsibilities and stringent conditions aimed at protecting other people.

Breed Activity Information
The American Bully breeds, due to their muscular build and size, require the right amount of activities or exercise regularly to stay healthy and happy. It is not easy to quantify the amount or length of activities they will need due to a wide variety of their breed.

Meanwhile, smaller dogs need fewer activities or exercise due to their shorter legs, which will work harder than those with longer legs. About 60 minutes of exercise daily and about 16 mile of running or walking per week is alright for them.

You can measure their ability to keep up with higher intensity of activities. The reason is because their shorter muzzles that could inhibit efficient breathing and make them tired if they over-exert themselves.

Exercises that are suitable for the American Bully include walking, swimming, and fetch. Also, allow your dog to socialize with other dogs, friends, and family members to strengthen the bond with everyone in the family.

Engaging American Bully breeds in activities is crucial to their physical health.

Failure to let the American Bully exercise will build up mental and physical stress and can result in destructive behavior in the home over time. They need to expend a great deal of energy daily.

Breed Care Information
The American Bully breeds can survive and do well in small quarters inasmuch as they are allowed to exercise very well. But a big house with a big yard would be a lot better. Irrespective of that, the dogs are active both indoors and outdoors and need space to play.

Their short coat makes it easy to groom. Regular brushing with a brush with firm bristles is required with bathing whenever it is necessary. They are an average shedder. To make their coat glossy, apply a Chamois on their coat.

Besides, the American Bully breeds must be vaccinated. The most common vaccination is the one for rabies. They also need to be de-wormed after the initial de-worming and should be checked every three months.

The American Bully also need the right nutritional care. They need high-quality meat high in fat and protein. The quantity of food depends on your dog.

However, do not overfeed or underfeed it. Also, boost your Bully’s health with the best vitamin supplements made for them.

For physical and mental health, let your Bully exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, fetch, and much more, but do not exhaust them.

Breed Training Information
The American Bully breeds have high intelligence and learn fast. The primary intention is to satisfy their owners; so, they take orders quickly. The American Bully breeds are always willing and capable of following rules. But they need owners who are confident, consistent, and firm to establish dominance in the pack order.

Training the American Bully requires determination and patience. White pups are easier to train, and older breeds are difficult because they already have formed their attitude and mindset.

If you are training mature Bully, you have to be patient. Also, note that Pups have short attention span; so, keep their training short. Remember to use a strong and firm tone to make the command sink.

Before you start training your American Bully, have a clear plan and a good reward system to encourage your Bully. Seek help if necessary on the best approach and methodology to train your Bully.

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