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Is An American Bulldog a Good Family Pet? Get More Info.

3 American Bulldogs

Breed Overview Information:

The American Bulldog was originally utilized to take part in the bloody sport of bull baiting. It was also capable of hunting wild boars, squirrels and bears.

This breed was also used by some farmers for their natural working abilities and for their intelligence. After World War 2, the American Bulldog was nearing extinction.

Fortunately, their numbers have increased thanks to John D. Johnson who continuously breeds American Bulldogs even in his old age. Now, they are excellent guard dogs, hunters and they excel in several sports.

Height : male: 22-28 inches ( 56-71 centimeters ); female: 20-26 inches ( 51-66 centimeters )

Weight : male: 70-120 lbs ( 32-55 kg ) ; female : 60-100 lbs ( 27-45 kg )

Breed Character Information:

The American Bulldog is friendly and loyal to its owner. They are great with children but are recommended mostly for households with older, more mature children due to their size.

If you have younger children you may want to consider building a dog house. They are naturally protective of their family and property which makes them good guard dogs.

They are very wary of strangers and may be quite aggressive or combative towards other dog breeds they do not know. However, they are able to get along well with other people and animals they have been raised with as a puppy.

Breed Coat Information:

Its coat usually comes in white, red, brown or tan. It is short and harsh to the touch and very low maintenance and is very easy to groom. Occasional combing and grooming and bathing only when necessary is all that is required to keep this breed’s coat in top shape. Unlike other pit bull breeds who shed heavily, the American Bulldog is an average shedder.

Breed Temperament Information:

They are aloof towards strangers and have a tendency to be aggressive towards other dog breeds or animals they have not known as a puppy. They are naturally protective and will fight to the death when necessary to protect its owner.

They make good and loyal companions as long as they are trained and given enough attention as a puppy. This breed loves to be around its family. Thus, when not given enough attention or left alone for a very long time, the American Bulldog tends to develop a nasty attitude.

Breed Ownership Information:

The American Bulldog is not recommended for first-time dog owners or inexperienced trainers. It is also more suited for households with older, more mature children as compared to those with infants or toddlers due to their size.

To further determine if this is the right breed for you and your family, read on American Bulldog dog breed info:

Breed Activity Information:

Like most dog breeds, the American bulldog enjoys long walks and carefree runs in an open space. They do best when given a job to do since they are natural workers.

Breed Care Information:

The American Bulldog is a generally very healthy breed although it is prone to develop hip dysplasia. All in all, it is very low maintenance requiring only occasional grooming and bathing when necessary. Also, as a result of their flat face, they are more likely to have dog sneezing episodes.

Breed Training Information:

The American Bulldog should be trained and taught how to socialize as a puppy. It must be trained fairly and consistently since it does not respond well to heavy-handed methods.

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