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About Me

Created in October of 2011, Pitbulltraining.net has developed informative articles on various topics including dog training, dog breeds, care, diseases, grooming, nutrition, health, and more.

Pit Bulls are unquestionably one of the most misunderstood, maligned breeds. Owning a Pit Bull presents unique challenges that are not faced by owners of ‘good’ breeds. Hardly a single therapy visit goes by without someone asking me if my Pit Bull bites or why I do therapy with ‘that breed’.

The media would have you believe that every Pit Bull is a psychotic man-eater that wants nothing more than to maim you, your children and your pets. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the hands of neglectful, abusive owners, any dog of any breed can be made vicious. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are currently the breed of choice for the low life scum of the world.

They also happen to be the breed of choice for many loving, responsible owners. The actions of the few have a strong impact on the rights of the vast majority of responsible owners.

I dedicate this site to the millions of people who have opened their hearts and homes to these resilient and often misunderstood dogs…

Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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