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16 Tips To Stop Your Pit Bull Puppy From Biting That Work

Pit bull puppy bites a right index finger

Pit Bulls are cute and friendly pets. Enthusiasm is the second name of the Pit Bull. They are young at heart and never outgrow their fun-loving spirit.

They are attractive, and their compact, muscular body draws attention wherever they go. They are people-oriented dogs. With proper and constant training, this breed will make the best family pet.

They really love kissing, cuddling, playing, and being a lap dog is their favorite pastime without minding their weight.

Pit Bulls are one of the most beautiful dog breeds. They are friendly and cute pets. However, like all other dogs, they may have a very annoying habit: puppies are arrogant in nature, and their bite can be painful once they mature.

Pit Bulls, in particular, have strong jaws and need to be trained early not to bite.

Characteristics Of A Pit Bull

Pleasing their family members is one of their favorite things. They love to make their owners happy. These playful dogs will fetch sticks, chase Frisbees, run after balls, tussle with the members of their family and generally play until they tire.

However, they are probably one of the most maligned dog breeds on earth. Part of their defamation and the name is because they can be trained to fight in dog pits.

Another factor is that they are the favorite dog of many gang members. Pit Bull seems to be a synonym for meanness and toughness. All this causes a lot of fear when most people face one of them.

Unfortunately, what a lot of people know about the breed comes from stories they hear about Pit Bull attacks or dogfights. This is why it is important to make the effort to train your Pit Bull.

A trained Pit Bull can be an ambassador for the breed, and show the world that with training and a loving home, Pit Bulls can make a wonderful pet.

Pit Bull puppies are known to nip and bite playfully, in fact. It’s hard not to laugh when your new dog attacks its favorite toy. However, this action is more than just dog playfulness, but it is the way your dog establishing dominance and pack hierarchy within your family.

Allowing this behavior to persist into the dog’s maturity can be dangerous for your family and those around you.

Why Pit Bulls Need Training?

The most common problem facing the average Pit Bull owner is how to train Pit Bulls not to bite; Pit Bull bites can be painful as soon as they mature due to their strong jaws.

Unlike human babies, puppy teeth come in within the first two weeks after birth, so it is best to start teaching your puppy early that biting is undesirable.

Training a pit-bull puppy not to bite isn’t as difficult as some folks might suggest. Although there is nothing fun about a puppy bite, it is important to realize that these kinds of dogs by nature are usually prone to biting.

A Pit Bull puppy bite might be an act of aggression or just a form of play. However, you can teach your dog not to bit at all by using the appropriate training methods.

The key to this training is to strengthen your relationship with your puppy and then correct him. If you do not establish some control quickly, your dog can become more aggressive toward you and refuse to listen to your commands.

You can create a relationship by playing more with your pooch when he is still young and feeding him with his meals.

How Do You Train a Pit Bull Puppy Not to Bite?

Your dog will simply listen to your commands if you know your role as his owner. Pit Bulls are particularly unique because they are more dominant than other pups. By following these simple tips, your dog will finally understand that biting is not desirable.

Dominate Your Puppy From Day One:

The Pit Bull is very dominant, so letting your pups know that you are the leader from a young age will reduce dominance related to aggression and biting. In a normal pack setting, submissive pups will roll over to show their bellies to the alpha members of the pack.

So, treat your dog gently but have control over him. Walk through the doors in front of your pup instead of letting him lead and keep him on leash while walking to keep him under control.

Feed him at a specific time, and when pouring food, make him wait before diving in. All this will help reduce your dog biting and any aggressive behavior.

Exercise And Play Safely With Your Dog:

Biting is common with Pit Bull puppies, and the dog’s strong and sharp jaws can cause serious damage if the biting actions continue into maturity. If your dog bites you during playtime, shout loudly and immediately stop the play.

The shout mimics the yelp of a wounded littermate and stopping the play shows your dog that biting leads to termination of the playtime. After a short period of time, continue playing with the puppy and repeat the process if it bites again.

Avoid playing roughly with your dog as this stimulates aggressive behavior. You can play tug-of-war with your dog.

Give Your Dog The Teething Toys To Bite:

I usually play with my dog using toys to keep him busy. Many Pit Bull puppies become gradually mouthy during teething, and even the slightest nip with sharp puppy teeth can cause serious damage.

If your dog insists on chewing, providing him with a series of durable toys will divert his attention. Strong ropes are ideal for Pit Bull jaws and will keep the most strong-minded chewer busy.

You can also distract them by feeding small treats. Always remember to replace old and worn dog toys with a new one to stop your dog from swallowing pieces that may lead to intestinal blockages.

Allow Your Pup To Play With Other Pups:

Make sure those dogs are immunized. Playing with other dogs is important for your dog; it will make him friendly. In addition, your dog can also learn new skills from other dogs. If you have a cat, you can teach them how to play together safely.

Know Why Your Dog Is Biting:

Have you thought about what makes your dog bite? It may be normal in some cases when they are growing up.

However, there may be reasons such as fear, danger, frustration or just cuddling for your pup to bite. Consult your veterinarian, and he may be able to help you with favorable solutions.

Take Some General Safety Measures:

Don’t act harshly with your dog or slap him in the face, because doing these things may encourage him to bite.

Also, never discourage your puppy from playing; playing builds a strong relationship between your dog and your family members. Do not punish or hit your dog as it can make him fearful or aggressive.

Train Your Puppy To Avoid Behavioral Problems:

I cannot stress enough, when it comes to training Pit Bulls, appropriate training of the breed is more important than any other breed.

If you take the time and effort to train your Pit Bull according to certain specific principles of this breed, you will reap the incredible rewards that come with having a trained and well-mannered Pit Bull.

It would be worth every effort and every penny you spend to make sure your dog is properly trained. Failing to train your puppy can lead to serious behavior problems. Your dog may start biting you and other animals and can also get out of control.

Take Safety Precautions If Your Pit Bull Bites:

If you are training your dog with the assistance of a qualified dog trainer, consider muzzling your dog with a muzzle.

Your dog will quickly learn to stop biting with the help of a muzzle; however, it is not advisable to use muzzling if you do not have a clear understanding of the training method and goals.

If the muzzle is not introduced and used correctly, your dog can become more dangerous to people, especially those trying to muzzle him.

Use A Bottle Of Spray Water In Severe Cases:

In circumstances where biting is very strong or persistent, keep a spray water bottle around. Accompany your firm “NO!” with a spray of water in the dog’s face to disrupt the behavior.

Ensure to set the nozzle to spray and not jet; you only want to unsettle the puppy, not to hurt him. Keep in mind that the dog will connect the water spray with you, and this may make him cautious of you at other times.

pit bull puppy yawning

Reward Good Behavior.

Constantly praise good behavior with a lot of cuddles and gentle love. Use rewards efficiently to promote good behavior. For instance, if your pooch responds to your command to leave a toy, you need to praise him.

Verbal rewards work perfectly when you are playing with your pup and with hands full of toys. Don’t forget; you are now the dog’s parent. It is your responsibility to encourage your pup to become a healthy, happy and well-adjusted family member.

Teach Your Puppy To Get Used To Human Hands:

By teaching your dog to be familiar with being handled by allowing your dog to explore different sets of hands. Help the puppy establish a positive connection with human hands by asking every person the dog comes in contact with to offer him a treat.

Educate Children About Pit Bull:

Some years ago, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued some interesting statistics that indicate that dogs bite about 2 percent of the US population, which is almost over 4 million people, every year.

As the statistics show, more than half of the people who are bitten by dogs are children. So, educating the children about Pit Bull and how to play with the dog can help prevent the incidence of dog bites.

Don’t Spend Much Time In Training:

It does not make sense in training your puppy for a long time since it will only overwhelm them. In reality, they will end up ignoring you and keep biting. You should use your good judgment about how much time you will spend training your pup and the training method you need to use.

Use Physical Isolation:

In case yelping does not help your dog to stop biting, the next time your dog bites you, yelp and remove your hand to show that play time is over.

Then you have to ignore him for at least 20 seconds because physical isolation from the pack sends strong sensations to the puppy that he has done something wrong. Start playing with your pup again once the 20 seconds are up.

Repeat this each time your dog bites you. This helps deliver the message to your dog that gentle is okay but rough play is discouraged.

Consult A Veterinarian:

If it does not improve after all these precautions, seek the advice of a qualified specialist. It will help you train your dog. Do not forget to treat your dog as your child.

Remember to follow all these steps to imbibe positive habits in your Pit Bull. Develop a friendly relationship between you and your dog. Try to find out why the dog is biting and then train him accordingly.

Maintain Consistency:

Regardless of the method you use to make your pup stop biting, follow the golden rule of consistency. This means everyone in the family and anyone else who comes in contact with your pooch should use the same strategy whenever your dog bites them.

You will end up confusing your dog if everyone uses a different technique to stop the dog from biting.

Do not expect your dog to stop biting immediately. It can take a long time; you must be patient and persevere in your efforts, especially in the case of Pit Bull puppies with a high prey drive.

You have to be ready to receive some bites while trying to stop your pit-bull puppy’s dog stops and bites! With your efforts, your Pit Bull will stop biting.