What is a Red Nose Pitbull?

red nose pitbullA red nose pitbull is a real pitbull. Enough said! Are red nose pit bulls dangerous?  Oh yes! Red nose American pitbulls are one of the most popular breed of dogs in the United States of America.

These type of pit bull are the most controversial due to the fact that they have a track record of aggressive, “the characteristic” red nose pitbull behavior. However, this is not always true!

Red nose pit comes from a long line of mastiff’s that date way back to 4000 BC when the Greeks used these beasts as both work dogs and war dogs. Over time they were selectively bred to the current red nose pit bulls we see today.

Red nose pit bull characteristics

Though some pit bulls do cause insurmountable terror; it is just not fair to generalize the thought. Red nose pitbulls are not savage, attack dogs. Quite the opposite, they can be very gentle, intelligent companions.

Just like other pitbulls, red nose pits can differ between kids, adults and strangers and treat them accordingly. They can sit there for hours while a toddler pulls their ears and not react a bit.

Do the same as an unknown adult and it could bite your bones into pieces. However, red nose pitbulls  will do what you teach them to do and they  are loyal companions.

Teach them to be kind and social and your red nose pit will turn into a social dog. The only time your dog can become aggressive is when it feels in some way its owner is being threatened.


Among all the other dogs red nose pit bull makes an interesting question when it comes to its temper. What is the temperament of the red nose pitbull really like?

Well, you can’t deny the fact that they are built to attack and have extremely strong jaws that are capable of breaking bones! You must remember that they were bred for the purpose of killing and naturally have attack-like bodies; however, this is not the case for their temperament.

Red nose pit bulls are not naturally aggressive animals, instead they are quite obedient. These good dogs are sometimes made to fight illegally in competitions. If you teach your dog to be aggressive it will become savage. That’s pretty much obvious and this is what ruins their reputation.

Before going for a red nose pitbull as an option when you think of breeding a pet you must do your homework. You must know that if you live down under, red nose pitbull breeders are difficult to find in Australia.

Keeping a pit in Australia is illegal. A whole lot of other red nose pit bull as well as  blue nose pitbull info is available online. Red nose pit bulls are inherently very sweet dogs.

Their desire to please, paired with their strength, high prey drive and malleability make them a great candidate for use a guard dog and attack dog.

To run deep into these beasts and know more about them you might consider reading about them even more on pages like red nose pit bulls wikepedia etc.

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