Blue Nose Pit bull

The Pit bull immediately strikes one as a dog of power, passion and undying willingness. Among all the types of pit bulls, just a sight of a blue nose pit bull can strike some amount of decent dread in the hearts of anyone.

That is understandable because this breed of man’s old friend is majestically fearsome. With its sturdy form and huge nozzle, only a bark of a blue nose pit bull can cause the bravest of men and women to flee to safety.

However, it has been established that these awe-inspiring creatures are actually one of the most affectionate dogs a man can ever breed as a pet.

Blue Pit Bull Features

Blue Nose PitbullThe brick-like head that’s broad between the cheeks to house that great powerful jaws, carried elegantly upon a thin, muscled well-defined neck. The neck that runs into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest!

Describing a blue nose pitbull sounds more like describing some handsome Hollywood hunk. Well, a handsome hunk with jaws! The have  rounded eyes.

Most blue nose pit bulls have blue eyes! That’s both fascinating and pretty! There is not much of a difference between red nose and blue nose pitbulls. A pitbull is a pitbull. The colors of their noses vary due to different color veins.

Malleable, Friendly and Intelligent!

It is so common to visit households with kid and a blue nose pitbull and to discover your utmost amazement that toddlers have been left in the astute care of this beast. They are intelligent and know how to distinguish between kids and adults and accord them the necessary treatment.

A blue nose pit can take all the abuse meted out to it by little naughty kids and it will never even blink or become aggressive and impatient. Visit such treatment on a pitbull as an unfamiliar adult and you are most likely to get chomped!

However, the can be trained to accommodate to strangers. They don’t attack unless signaled.

Blue Nose Pitbull demands respect!

One of the blue nose pitbull facts is that they must be rewarded with a treat when they obey their master’s command.  The attention and praises showered on them is like an incentive to do more pleasant stuff for its master’s amusement.

This is also necessary to keep their raging hormones at bay. Fail to do so, and unlike other dogs blue nose pitbull can actually leave home and keep its dignity.

Lots of  blue pitbulls information can be found online. Completely bred blue nose pitbulls available for sale have normal mood. Their aggressive character is easily managed by means of right training.

While searching for blue pitbull puppies for sale you need to pay attention to the seller credibility. When these pets are purchased from a trusted breeder they are sure to have healthful coat and skin.

Reading reviews and comments by previous clients can assure of the company and the sellers. A little to keep in mind and you can have your very own happy blue nosepitbull!  Read my post about Red nose Pitbull to see the difference between the two…Check it out: What is a Red Nose Pit bull?