Pit Bull Puppy Crate Training

Dogs can be provided with rooms or dens that have a viewing place in order to help prevent destructive behaviors or even to provide for easy movement. These cabins are called crates and are quite and secure. Dog crates are of different types depending on the materials used to make them. Some are made of plastic and others of wire mesh. For a dog to use a crate there must be training involved since this is not an automatic occurrence. This training is called dog crate training.

Crate training can take weeks or days and is dependent on some factors like dog’s age, experiences, and temperament. Dog crate training must always be done gradually since getting a dog used to a crate is a process. The training is usually conducted in small steps by a dog crate trainer who requires a lot of patience. Therefore, Pit Bull Puppy Crate Training can be done by following these simple guidelines.

Crate training can take weeks or days and is dependent on some factors like the age of the dog, experiences, and temperament. It must always be done gradually since getting a dog used to a crate is a process. The training is usually conducted in small steps by a dog crate trainer who requires a lot of patience.

To begin with, there must be the introduction phase for the dog whereby the crate is prepared by putting in a soft comfortable blanket. The crate should also have various toys that will attract the dog to the crate; it must also contain water and some food. Once the crate is set training begins by allowing the dog to explore and find its way around the crate. The dog is then encouraged to enter the crate by talking to it the way one would encourage it to enter into a kennel. This must not involve any kind of force as this is not some kind of punishment to the dog.

Secondly, once the introduction stage of dog crate training has been done then the next step of trying to feed the dog in the crate follows. This step involves giving the dog its regular meals in the crate. The meals are initially placed near the entrance to the crate as the dog might fear to enter the crate in isolation. Once the dog has eaten then the next feed is placed inside the crate. This stage of dog crate training continues until the dog is able to eat at ease in the crate and even to eat while the door to the crate is closed.

Additionally, this then leads to the extension of the time that the dog stays in the crate. After feeding, it’s then confined in the crate for some time. Always begin with five minutes, ten minutes and keep increasing while looking at how the dog responds until it can be left in the crate overnight.

Generally, dog crate training is a process which when done well by a good dog crate trainer will make a dog secure, relaxed and comfortable and not feeling isolated and punished. Dog crate training is what all dog keepers need to give to their dogs.

 Pit Bull Puppy Crate Training Additional Information

Pit Bull Puppy Crate TrainingWith this kind of training, your puppy will learn how to restrain himself from purging wherever and teaches him how to eliminate waste in the right time and at a place appropriate for it.

For some dog-owners, pit bull puppy crate training is a cruel way to train their pet; however, with the proper practice, methods, and consistency, your pet will learn to love his den and will also teach him the proper behavior you will and will not accept from him.

If you are planning on doing a Pit Bull Puppy Crate Training, you must see to it that you have a sturdy crate that is big enough for your puppy to stand on and move around. Put soft towels or old sheets in it and gradually make it as comfortable and fun as possible by adding chew toys, doggie blanket, and more.

Also, make it a point to not feed him inside the crate. Train him to see it as a place where he can rest and stay still. In addition, put the crate in a location that is close to where people will be but not directly exposed to sunlight.

It is only advisable to place the crate in your bedroom during night time. Aside from these crate training guidelines on crate positioning and designing, there are also some methods you need to know and follow to go about this obedience training for puppies properly and effectively.

For one, it is advisable to not rush this training on your puppy. To properly implement it, do it gradually. Also, do not use the crate as a punishment for the dogs to stop the bad behavior but as a place where he can relax and enjoy. In addition, do not keep him inside the crate for the entire day.

You should give him time to socialize with you. Shutting him inside the crate the entire day will just cross him out. Crate training puppies should also be done with consistency and regularity. This could apply for pit bull training also. Do certain patterns and routines that will train him certain behaviors while in it.

Moreover, some dogs may have issues with crates. Usually, they might have separation anxiety or have experienced trauma while in one, so do not force him into one. Rather, seek for other alternatives.

Lastly, dogs may differ in temperament, like pit bulls. These dogs might be too frantic to stay in an enclosed space, so before giving him Pit Bull Puppy Crate Training  know what his temperament is.


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