Best Dog Food for Pit bulls

Choosing the right type of dog food for your puppy or dog is a crucial decision to make, which will need pondering on all the facts.

best dog food for pit bulls

Your choice of diet plays a major role in the growth of your dog or puppy, its overall appearance, well-being, and behavior habits. Every aspect of your dog’s life is determined by the dog food nutrition it gets.

The market is full of the best dog food for bully pit bulls, but you need to do a research on dog food ratings and choose the dog foods with high rates.

It is important to know that not all dogs are the same, therefore you have to sample some of the highest rated dog foods in order to find out which one works best with your puppy or dog.

What a Poor Diet Will Do for Your Dog

A poor diet can cause weakened immune system, increase chances of arthritis, cancers, cystitis, hypertension, liver failure, diabetes, and epilepsy.

pit bull imageDogs that are offered low-quality diets have been reported to be hyperactive or have sluggish behavior and build up in the eyes. In addition, they easily contract ear infections, bowel disease, as well as countless allergies.

Watch out if your dog vomits frequently or experiences heavy shedding and dull coat, the problem could be with the diet you are offering him. This is not the end of the problem list. The repercussions of a poor diet are numerous.

The Benefits of Investing In Healthy, Notorious, and Well Balanced Dog Food

In the long run, you will see that committing to offer your pit bull the best diet will give you back returns. If you are looking for your dog to have vitality and energy, as well as minimize the visits to the vet, then you have no other option but to play along with looking for the best dog food for pit bulls.

A well-balanced dog food boosts well-defined muscle tone, prevents foul odor and promotes bright, clear bright eyes as well as healthy gums and teeth. Pitbulls that are consistently given good diets have fewer digestive complications, firmer stools and healthy coat and skin. With the longevity and quality of life that good dog food for pitbull puppies offers, you will definitely agree that it is worth the effort.

So… What Is The Best Food For Pit bulls?

There are certain attributes that determine whether your dog needs a lower calorie food or high-calorie diet, and these attributes greatly affect the energy needs of your dog. They include:

1. Growth – Growing puppies tend to have a more energy requirement than adult dogs. Dog food with moderate fat level and high protein level is what needs to be your target.

There are many manufacturers that sell best dog food for pit bulls to gain weight, and all you need to do is find one that suits the needs of your dog.

2. Lactation – Just like how it applies to a human, a nursing female dog also requires almost eight times more energy.

3. Human factors – Human factors such as local availability and purchasing cost are capable of affecting your dog food purchasing choice. It is essential you understand that health of your dog comes down to the quality of an animal’s food.

When choosing a dog food brand, it is important you put into consideration the manufacturer’s availability, responsiveness, and reliability. It can be more annoying and devastating if a company makes wonderful food, but you are unable to reach them, the customer service team is not helpful, or your shipping order is always late.

4. Reproduction – If your female dog is pregnant, it will need high protein dog food for pit bulls, which does not rise significantly until the dog reaches the final third of her pregnancy. At this stage, it may only rise by a factor of three.

You need to get high-calorie food for your pregnant dog for her to have the required energy level required during this stage.

5. Illness – Dogs that are unwell due to various diseases have higher energy needs. Sufficient energy is needed to repair damaged tissues and increase the immune response.

6. Active level – This is simple. A dog that exercises more needs to consume more energy, so as to be able to keep up with the condition.

7. Age – Older dogs are less active compared to younger, growing puppies making them have lower energy needs. Growing puppies need more calories, so as to maintain their condition and body weight.

This simply means that older dogs can be fed on low-calorie foods, while young dogs on high-calorie foods.

Weighing Your Options

dog foodDeciding on which type of dog food to take home can be an overwhelming task, but this need not be that difficult. You need to shop with caution for the dog food that will meet your dog’s health needs.

Many dog owners have confessed, that many dog food industries less focus on the well being of your precious puppies and dogs. Choosing the best dog food for pit bulls goes, far beyond the marketing secrecy and tactics.

You need to study your dogs thoroughly in aspects of feeding habits, physical characteristics, and allergies, to be able to come up with the best dog food pitbull puppies that meet its health needs.

Place your focus on the longevity, health, and vitality of your dog when determining the best puppy food for your precious pet, and always be consistent after making your feeding choice clear.

Calorie Consideration

The weight of your dog will depend upon the calorie content of the food you select. If your puppy is a couch potato, you will need to stay away from energy dense food. This is important to prevent it from getting too fat and heavy.

Some dogs hardly get satisfied with the quantity of food you seem to offer them. If this case applies to you, the best option is to seek a low-calorie food that is high in fiber.

Necessarily it doesn’t need to have the highest quality of protein. The idea is to give your dog the best dog foods for pit bulls but considering one that offers a full feeling without getting fat.

Take a Closer Look at Your Dog’s Preference

Not all dog foods can work the best with every dog. A dog is just as people, they have individual needs. Some like canned foods, while others prefer dry food.

Some dogs like lamb, some like chicken. Fortunately, today’s market offers a wide range of highly nutritious dog food suitable for all life stages. The only way to know which one works for you is by trying out several types.

Read Thoroughly Through the Listed Ingredients!

It is required by law, that all dog food manufacturers indicate the ingredients on the package, in terms of weight.

When choosing your dog food, look for ones that have fish, meat or eggs as the primary ingredients, since with this you can be sure that the food will provide sufficient protein, inclusive several usable and valuable amino acids.

In case if you are switching to a new food type, make sure you give your dog ample time to adjust to the new changes.

After you have done what you can possibly do to ensure that your dog gets the best dog food for pit bulls, observe your dog for at least one month. If you note shiny coat, healthy energy level, and bright eyes, then you may relax knowing that you are on the right track. In case, if you need further assistance you can seek professional advice from a qualified veterinary doctor.

What Brand of Dog Food is the best for Pitbulls? A Top 5 List!

There are many brands of dog food out there, and this may leave you confused on which one to get for your dog or puppy.

Following is a top 5 list of the best brand of dog food for pit bulls, and why they may be ideal for your dog.

A) Orijen dog food – The quality of ingredients in this dog food is very stirring. It has 7 meat sources, which are of high quality with a great range of natural vegetables, fruits, and supplements.

Though the food is a bit expensive compared to the rest, it is as good as it gets. Orijen has passed the natural, healthy ingredient test.

B) The taste of the wild dog food – This brand is the best so far! It has the best dog food, that maintains an extremely high level of protein ratios of the combination of meal and meat.

Many dog food manufacturers claim to have meat as part of the ingredients; however, they weight the meat while it is still wet. This affects the concentration when it is dried and mixed as a dog meal. It is worth investing in this dog food brand.

Most of the dog foods in the market consist mainly of fillers, such as cornmeal, but besides the high level of protein, this dog food comes with additional nutrients. The dog food contains fermented soluble and acidophilus, which play a role in improving and preventing your dog’s digestion abilities.

This is an ideal way of ensuring your dog gets the required muscles, without having to break into a bank. The brand has different types of dog food under its name.

The taste of the wild Salmon dry dog food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids due to the combination of ocean meal and salmon. These components help to keep at bay most of the allergies.

C) Wellness core original formula dry dog – Following features are present:

• It is prepared for healthy dogs with most favorable calorie levels and fat, making it perfect for daily feeding.

• It comes with right nutritional ingredients like broccoli, parsley, and kale, which are chosen due to their naturally outstanding contribution.

• Ideal for dogs that are sensitive since it contains no corn, artificial colors, soy, wheat, preservatives, or flavors.

• If you want your dog to maintain optimal daily health then this is the right dog food for you. It is rated as one of the best food for pit bull puppies because it contains unique poultry free, grain free option for dogs that are over one year of age, and requires optimal health.

D) Wellness core original adult dog food – When creating this type of dog food, put into consideration the tasty meat content, that would satisfy your dog without adding unwanted nutrient levels, which your dog can do without. The healthy dog food is a healthy meal that does not have grains or filters.

E) Wellness core dry dog food reduced fat formula – This dog food is suitable for weight maintenance or loss. It is 25% less in fat compared to core original formula.

Besides being manufactured with Gluten-free ingredients, it comes with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, Probiotics and Glucosamine. The combination of Turkey Meal, chicken meal, and deboned turkey defines it as a protein-rich dog meal.

My # 1 recommendation on what you really should feed your Pit bull

Watch this video below to get the answer!

What to do if your Pitbull has Skin Allergy?

If your dog is battling with skin allergies, it may be difficult to rule that the condition may be caused by weather, food or environment.

However, your vet can help you know the underlying cause of the condition, by conducting various types of tests on the dog. At times if yeast infections are not well managed, it can lead to skin complications.

It is a wise idea to place your dog on a raw diet, so as to help remove the possible allergens. The good thing is that you have absolute control of what can put in your dog’s mouth. If perhaps you feel that this is a bit costly, you can sample the exotic meat variety of Taste of the Wild’s.

The best way to successfully get rid of possible allergies triggered by beef or chicken is by going for unique meat like salmon and bison. Alternatively, you can select a grain-free food to be on the safe side, in case if your dog reacts to soy or corn.

It is vital you ensure that the dog food you select has sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids help correct skin problems and give your dog a finer coat.